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Navigation is a hugely important element of effective ecommerce UX. I will ensure your site navigation & menus are intuitive to your customer and optimised to ensure a smooth customer journey and maximum usability.

Google Analytics Consultant

Page Speed

Page speed is a fundamental part of UX. Speed is a huge factor in determining the effectiveness of an ecommerce websites UX. I will ensure that optimum page speeds are adhered to.

Conversion Rate Consultant

Mobile Usability

An average ecommerce site will typically have 70% mobile traffic. For this reason a mobile first design philopophy should always be adhered to. I will ensure your website is set up and designed for optimal mobile UX.

WEB UX Consultant Ireland

Layout & Design

Good UX is underpinned by an intuitive and user-friendly layout and design. A good layout can reduce bounce rates and significantly improve a websites usability.

SEO Consultant Ireland

On-Site Search

On-Site web search is the most effective conversion channel on your ecommerce website. A well optimised on-site search function will often have double digit conversion rates.

Home Page

Home Page UX is critical for the overall well being of your website. As your de-facto no.1 landing page on your website. It's important that when a customer lands, there is a clear and defined pathway to the most pertinent categories, products, and offers on your website.

eCommerce Product Page Speciailist Ireland

Product Pages

Product pages are hugely important for eCommerce Conversion. I can help you ensure your product pages are fit for purpose. I will develop a tailored style guide that will give you an upload guide for images & descriptions.

eCommerce Category Page Speciailist Ireland

Category Pages

eCommerce Category Pages are hugely important from a usability, SEO, and Merchandising point of view. Using my experience & expertise I can advise you on how to get the most from your category landing pages.

Checkout Analysis

The UX of your checkout is crucial to the overall conversion rate and ultimately profitability of your ecommerce store. I conduct a checkout funnel analysis to ensure a customers checkout journey is optimised and seamles.

Email Marketing Consultant Ireland

A/B User Testing

For Elements of UX I will conduct A/B Testing. This is essentially the practice of trying two different deisgn elements simultaneously and using user behavoural data (rather than opinion) to determine which one is better.

About Me – Eoghan Carroll

eCommerce UX Consultant

Working for over 12 years in ecommerce across a variety of sectors I understand how fundamental good UX is to the success of an ecommerce website. So many factors contribute to good ecommerce UX, from page speed to mobile design, site layout, and checkout funnel. Good UX not only makes using your site easier for your customer, but it can also have a significant impact on your conversion rate resulting in better sales.

Eoghan Carroll eCommerce Consultant -Ireland


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Nexus Innovation Centre, University Of Limerick, Ireland